23 Dec 2020
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Let’s fly green – GruenerFliegen is a free online flight search engine. A unique, independent and transparent platform, dedicated to simple and sustainable travel
Our goal to is to contribute to a sustainable travel industry. Every flight has a unique climate footprint, made visible for you. All based on data sources from independent scientific research. Plus, the optional cost for certified compensation are always included in any price display. A complete package of what is important for the decision-making of the environmentally conscious travelers. Read our story...
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Sustainable Travel

There are great opportunities to combine travel and sustainability. Here we provide you with insights and news around sustainable travel

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Emission Data

Airplanes emit several pollutants that harm the climate with different durations and intensities. We calculate them approximately in terms of carbon dioxide

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About Us

Find out how gruener-fliegen.com works, why we think it worth making this your preferred flight search engine, and who we are

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You can help us by providing us with an honest feedback. Our goal is to continuously improve our service to establish carbon as a part of every online search.

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